I'm All in

What does it look like to be ALL IN? This series is a radical call to living fully surrendered to Jesus, and that may seem scary or even impossible. But we want to tell you it's not. If you're a Jesus follower, it's not just something you can do but something you're called to do. But don't take it from us; here's a few stories from people in your church who have chosen to say, "I'm ALL IN."

Week 1

The Swopes' Story

In their story, Mike and Jill Swope share how they were able to recognize the pull of money and materialism in their lives, when they decided to trust God with their finances, and how their lives are different since becoming ALL IN.

Week 2

Shane Burke's Story

In his story, Shane shares about when he chose to trust God with his finances and what challenged him when choosing to become ALL IN.

Week 3

The Bullock's Story

George and Georgia are ALL IN. Throughout their lives, George and Georgie have learned what it means to be good stewards: being obedient with what is not theirs to begin with, even when it’s not easy. In their faithfulness, they have seen God’s faithfulness too!

Week 4

Angie Johnson's Story

Angie Johnson shares when she decided to become ALL IN in living life fully surrendered to Jesus, specifically in the area of her finances. As life changed through different seasons, Angie has found peace in giving throughout them all, because God is trustworthy!

Week 5

Emory Hinkle's Story

Emory Hinkle shares her story of when she went ALL IN her sophomore year in college. She honestly shares the difficulties of being a college student surrounded with materialism but choosing the way of Jesus in the form of tithing, and she challenges us to not wait for it to be easy to give but to start with what we have now.

Week 6

The Hoover's Story

The Hoover's share about the true joy they have found in remaining faithful financially and in celebrating God's provision when choosing to go ALL IN.

Work Entry

Ready to tell your story?

Our team wants to celebrate all that God has done in and through your life! Take a minute and write out how God has spoken and moved in your heart to be more generous as part of ALL IN.