Work Entry

Volunteer for The MIX

We are so excited that you are want to serve at the MIX. As we hope to inspire students to develop a faith of their own, retreats become a pivotal experience and because of you, we get to bring that mission to their life! We value your part in this so because of that, this retreat is free for you!

 Small Group Leader

You’ll live out the mission by: being emotionally and physically available, following the playbook for small group questions, and creating enjoyable memories with your group.

 Work Crew

You’ll live out the mission by creating irresistible environments, having attention to detail, and setting up and tearing down.

 Host Team

You’ll live out the mission by creating the first impression for students and parents at check in, maintaining safe environments for sessions, and helping with things behind the scenes.

 Additional Driver

Some groups will need extra drivers for Saturday free time or driving to and from sessions and host homes.You will play a huge role in helping larger groups get to where they need to be.

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Select where you are serving!