Sean Seay
Lead Pastor

Josh Jones
Director of Ministry Services

Laurie Curtis
Director of Children’s Ministries

Charles Ficken
Director of Student Ministries

Andy Lowry
Director of Community

Mike Koslowsky
Director of Service Programming

Bronson Crawford
Stewardship Director

Scottlyn James
Financial Services Coordinator

Shawnte Sandle
Office Manager

Frank Zehna
Director of GlobalX and Facilities

Holly Fields
Waumba Land Curriculum Director

Jessica Plummer
Waumba Land Groups Director

Justin Halleck
UpStreet Director

Hannah Hall
AC Students Groups Director

Mark Lamb
InsideOut Director

Josh Bayne
College Director

Debbie Butler
Women's Groups Director

Courtney Rue
Women’s Groups Director

Whit Smith
Married Groups & Men’s Groups Director

Stephen Sowell
Married Groups & Starting Point Director

Adam McMillan
Production Director

Andy Chambless
Video Director

Garrison Smith
Communications Director

Rachel Carter
Guest Services Director