What We Do

At InsideOut, we’ve created a large group environment that is designed for students to have fun with friends, engage in worship, biblical teaching, and an amazing experience called small group. InsideOut meets every Sunday at 9:15 and 11AM and after large group, students get together with their small group to spend time in a more intimate setting, talking, processing, and praying about what’s going on in their lives. These adult leaders are there to meet with your students every week, love them unconditionally, help them with high school’s many challenges, and earn the right to challenge them to pursue wise decisions and spiritual growth during their four years in high school. 

We hope to encourage students to love God, live differently, and lead the way. 

Want a better answer than “good” when you ask “How was church?”

The Parent Cue App helps you, as a parent, follow along with what your preschooler is learning on Sunday mornings. It’s designed to help you do something simple each week to help move your child toward a deeper faith and a better future. Maximize your time—in the car, at the dinner table, before bedtime—and ask questions that help lead to simple faith conversations about what they’re already learning.

Download the app, search for “Athens Church”, and continue the conversation today!

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