There’s something special about Athens. Whether you were born-and-raised, spent 4+ years studying, living your best single life, or moved back here to raise your family, you know, deep down, there’s just something special about this city, and you don’t have to spend long before it finds its way into your heart. The beautiful thing about Athens is everyone falls in love with Athens for a different reason—it’s different for the single mom than the retiree, for the college student than the young family. And while we might all love something different about our city, we can all say Athens I Love You®.





What is Athens I Love You®?

Athens I Love You® is more than a catchy motto. It’s the heartbeat of Athens Church for our city; in fact, love is at the heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We deeply love our city—its quirks and all—and we want to share the love of Jesus with everyone who calls Athens home. But we know actions speak louder than words; so, we want to show our love by investing, engaging, and supporting our city. Because that’s what you do when you love something! Instead of recreating the wheel, we’ve chosen to partner with local, non-profit partners who are already doing incredible work in our city to continue to show our city we love it. Learn about ways you can put love into action below.


Year after year, you continue to be generous as we show our city what it means when we say “Athens, I love you!” This year we’ll be giving away 100% of everything given from September 19–25 to our partners. But, we’re not stopping there… also, from Sunday, September 26 through October 31 Athens Church will be giving away 10% of everything to local non-profit partners, too. We can’t wait to celebrate how generous you’ve been in this season!


We’ve talked a lot around here about how serving is one of the easiest ways to shift your focus from yourself and onto others. It’s a tangible way that we can serve our city by giving away our time and abilities. Registration for Athens I Love You® Service Projects are now open, and we can’t wait to help you get connected to serve some incredible organizations in our city! Click below to find a project and sign up.


Doesn’t it feel like everyone can use a little bit more love right now? We think so too. It is in the name after all! We want to mobilize the people of Athens Church to tangibly show the people of our city that they are loved not only by others but also by God. This year, we’re collecting warm clothes for the Sparrow’s Nest Keep Warm Project on October 17 and October 24. Check back soon for an update on how you’ve been able to love our city during this season!

Looking to rep some
Athens I Love You®?

We’re always updating our store with new shirts, apparel, items, and designs. Make plans to you visit us at Athens Church on Sundays to see what’s new in-stock and add some Athens I Love You® to your wardrobe to show how you love our city! Currently apparel and other Athens I Love You® items are only available for purchase on-site.