Our Dream For Athens

October 9, 2022 | Sean Seay

There is no such thing as a great city. There are only great people who live in the same city.

Discussion Questions

Start Talking 

  • Why do you love Athens?

  • What are some of the cons of Athens?

  • What are some of the pros of Athens?

  • We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus. How can we lead the people of Athens into a growing relationship with Jesus?

Read This

  • Read Luke 19:1-10.

    • What stands out to you in the story of Zaccheus?

    • How are you similar to Zaccheus? 

      • How has God healed and changed you?

    • Have you responded like Zaccheus? 

      • Willing to restore and make right?

What Now

How can you be involved with what we are doing at Athens Church?

  • Follow Jesus Wholeheartedly

    • How has your life changed since you met Jesus? Can people tell?

    • How can you be more international about your spiritual growth?

    • What are some areas you know you need to work on?

    • How can we as a group help?

  • Engage With The Local Church

    • How do you serve at AC?

    • You are connected in this group. Do you engage and join in the conversation or do you just sit and listen?

    • Are you a generous person? Do you tithe? 

    • When was the last time you invited someone to come to church with you? 

We believe God is alive, that He loves the people of this city, and He has good things in store for the people here.

Additional Series Resources

Bible Reading Plan

Scripture: Luke 19:41

Song: God of This City by Chris Tomlin