Everyone has asked the question “Who Am I ?” at some point! Our world is happy to tell you who you are and assign you an identity—conservative, white, northerner, white-collar, progresive, black, southerner, and so many more. But as followers of Jesus, we have been given another identity, one that can change our lives if we truly believe and accept what God says is true about us. Today we are wondering if you have ever questioned  if God likes you! Somehow it seems easier to believe that He loves us, but that He likes us can be more difficult to accept! We believe that God calls us a friend, and trusting that can change everything!

Start Talking

  • Is there anything you believed to be true about yourself as a child, that seems hilarious now? Anyone believe they were going to play pro ball?
  • What did other people believe to be true about you as a child, teenager, or young adult? Di thier belief help or hurt you?
  • Do you agree with the statement Stepehen made that  “Belief Indicates Behavior”? How have you seen this play out?
  • Has there been a season of your life when you believed a lie about yourself? How did believing this lie affect your actions?

Read This

Read John 15:12-17.

  • What stands out to you?
  • Stephen mentioned that friendship is “Sacrificial, not superficial”. We know that Jesus ultimately demonstrated this to us through his death (which he mentions in these verses), but what do you think He is asking of US in these verses?
  • Re-Read vs 14. Why do you think Jesus is talking about obedience and friendship? How are the two connected?
  • Why does Jesus differentiate in being a friend vs. a slave? What is the equivalent to this relationship in our culture? Do you feel “free” in your relationship with God?

What Now

  • Stephen suggested two simple ways to deepen our friendship with God are to practice “Honest Prayer” and “Honest Worship”. Of the two, which would help you focus on friendship with God?
  • How can you practically and intentionally practice honest prayer? What can you do this week?
  • Is there a song or Psalm that your heart and mind resonate with right now that will help you practice honest worship? Perhaps what you share will be what someone else in the group needs!

**As a reminder, if you dont know what to pray, you can always pray scripture! You can pray the Lord’s prayer or any of the many prayers in the Psalms! In fact, this prayer from a man seeking healing for his daughter from Jesus  is so simple, but also so powerful and relatable. Perhaps these prayers are a good place to start!

Also, this song we sang on Sunday just might be a place of honest worship for you this week! Remember, friendship with Jesus is a gift not to be earned, but rather accepted and cultivated. He loves you and He likes you!

Additional Resources

Christ is Enough by Hillsong Worship (Song)
I Am Not, But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio (Book)
Mom Enough by Desiring God (Book)
Jireh by Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music (Song)
Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship (Song)
Comparison Trap by Andy Stanley (Book)
Who I Am in Christ by Neil Anderson (Book)
House of the Lord by Phil Wickham (Song)