For the leader: Today’s conversation just might have a massive impact on someone’s personal relationship with Jesus! As we make the decision to commit to time with God, our hearts and minds begin to change. Perhaps, for the first time, someone in your group might commit to personal time with God! It is important to remind your group that time with God doesn’t have to be in the mornings, and it certainly doesn’t have to look one specific way. The point of this conversation is that we would remember to make the most of this time, and that we would intend to spend time with God regularly! Today is a great time for you to share how and when you personally connect with Jesus (and perhaps someone else in the group also). Lets learn from each other!


  • How do you normally start your day? Has that changed since quarantine has started? If yes, would you say the change has been for the better or for worse
  • How can you begin to focus on what this season makes possible rather than on what this season has taken from you? Are there things that you can already identify that this season has made possible?
  • In both the John (21:1-14) and Luke (5:4-10) passages the disciples obviously benefited from listening to Jesus. What benefits have you seen in your own life for learning to listen to and spend time with God?
  • Would you consider doing the 21-day prayer journey? Are there habits you might have to break in order to do this?

One Final Thought

“The best way to start your day, is hearing what Jesus has to say.” – Jeff Henderson

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