For the leader: We think today’s conversation is so practical during this unique time! We hope God uses it to help you and your neighbors who might be struggling with loneliness and isolation during COVID-19. We hope today shows you that God always provides a way for us love those around us, even from six feet away!


  • What kind of neighborhood do you live in, and what kind of relationships do you have with your neighbors? Has this changed since COVID-19?
  • Read Luke 10: 25-47 together. This might be a familiar passage to you! How did today’s conversation with Dave Runyon affect your understanding or thoughts on this passage of scripture?
  • When you get to know your neighbors name, you are more likely to serve them and care for them. What would happen (or has happened) if you got to know your neighbors names?
  • Dave said this in our conversation; “Neighboring is the antidote to living in the Christian bubble. When we love our neighbors, we find ourselves drifting toward people we wouldn’t normally be drawn to. When this happens, important things happen in the Kingdom of God! “ In your opinion, what does this mean, and why does it matter?
  • As we read in Luke, loving our Neighbor is a command. It is a way of life, a discipline, not an evangelism strategy. When we see it this way, relationships of depth are formed. If you have already been practicing the “Art of Neighboring” what fruit have you experienced from this practice?
  • What now? Would you consider doing the Block Map?

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