We’ve all been there…that feeling of being overlooked. 

Whether it’s when you didn’t get invited to thing everyone got invited to, or you were passed over for a job you know you would be great at, it’s not fun! In fact, one could argue that this feeling is inevitable, so how we deal with it matters! 

We believe Jesus teaches  what to do…when we feel overlooked.

Start Talking

  • Tell us about a time you felt overlooked. What were the circumstances surrounding that time, how did it feel, and how did you respond?
  • Have you ever responded poorly to a time that you have been overlooked?
  • Jeff mentioned that there are three ways to respond to being overlooked, and the way we choose really matters! Talk about the first two ways listed below. When have you seen these played out?
    • The Way of the World– Look out for #1. It’s a tough world, and if you don’t look out for you no one else will!
    • The Way of Religion– Judges others for how they have overlooked and hurt us!

Read This

  • We believe Jesus offers us a better way to deal with feeling overlooked. Jesus teaches us that humility is actually the proper response to feeling overlooked, and that it is in fact a prerequisite to be honored, or chosen. 
    • Read Proverbs 15:33
    • What can we learn from this passage? Why does it seem like humility is not just a good choice, but a WISE choice?
  • Read Luke 14: 7-11
    • What is happening in this passage?
    • Why is Jesus telling this parable (story with a lesson)?
    • What is the point of what Jesus is saying?
    • Read also 1 Peter 5:5-6 . What principle of humility do you see at play in these verses?

What Now

  • What does it mean to practice humility?
    • Why is humility more than just “feeling” humble, but rather practicing humility?
    • How can you take the low place in your job or home?
  •  Who is someone you would consider humble? What do you think makes them this way?
  • How can you consistently practice humility this week?

Additional Resources

Bible Reading Plan