We all want mercy, but it sure is hard to give…unless of course it fits our standards! Today we are talking about the way the world, religion, and Jesus view mercy. While they may look similar on the surface, the way Jesus leads us in mercy is unmatched…

Start Talking

  • What or who comes to mind when you think of the word “mercy”?
  • Are there any books or movies you can think of that depict mercy in a memorable way?
  • Why is it that we cry “mercy!” when defeated in a match?
  • Can you think of a notable time when you have received mercy? What impact did it have on you?
  • Have you ever consciously extended mercy? What impacted your decision?

Read This

  • Talk about the first two of  three views of mercy Clay discussed on Sunday:
    • The Way of the World: Mercy for All…until you’ve gone too far
    • The Way of Religion: Mercy for Me (make excuses for me). Judgment for you (condemnation for you)
    • When have you experienced these two views? What are the problems with them?
  • Read John 8:1-11 together. Compare the way Jesus showed mercy to the woman versus the two views you just discussed. (Jesus demands perfection but became mercy for the imperfect)
  • In context of these verses, what’s so amazing about what Jesus does with this woman? Can you think of another time in scripture where we see mercy extended?
  • In light of this conversation, Read Romans 2:4 together. How might mercy and repentance relate?

What Now

  • Have you accepted mercy from God? What does it mean to “accept Mercy”? If yes, what changed for you?
  • If you have not, what do you think is on the other side of you receiving His Mercy?
  • Would you say you are able to extend mercy to others? What makes it so hard to do so?
  • As we finish this conversation, and as you think about mercy, what do you believe God feels about you today?

Additional Resources

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