This Easter we are talking about the idea that we are all influenced and mastered by something or someone, and who or what it is makes a huge difference!

Have you considered that being a Christian is more than just trusting Jesus for eternal salvation? Perhaps there is more…

Start Talking

  • Talk about some of the cultural norms around you when you were in Middle School. What did you participate in that now looking back makes no sense or that you would certainly never do as an adult?
  • What are some of the cultural norms in your world today? In other words, what do you and the people like you do/have? 
  • Talk about some of the cultural influences in our society. What influences us most?
  • Sean asked these questions on Sunday, how would you answer them?
    • How do you define success? Where did you get that definition? 
    • How do you define beauty? Where did you get that?  
    • How do you define wealthy? Who gave you that standard?  
  • We have spent several weeks this semester talking about the different ways we can live! Talk about the differences between the “Way of the World”, the “Way of Religion”, and the “Way of Jesus”. Now, talk about how we are influenced by the “way” we choose to live.
  • Who or what is leading/influencing in each of these “Ways”?

Read This

  • Read Colossians 2:6-7
    • What stands out to you?
    • What are these verses encouraging us to do?
    • What are they encouraging us not to do?
  • Talk about the difference between Jesus as Savior and Jesus as Lord. What does it look like to have Jesus as your Lord?
  • Why is it important that we allow Jesus to be more than our Savior?

What Now

  • Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior?  ( John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10)
  • Do you believe you have also allowed Jesus to be your Lord? If yes, what does this look like for you? If yes, do you feel like you have more freedom or less? If not, what holds you back?
  • What is one area in your life you need to allow Jesus to be Lord? (ex: relationships, future, finances, children, etc.)

Additional Resources

Paul’s Letters Bible Reading Plan