As you know there are many things competing for our affections, time, energy, and heart! Many are appealing, but we believe the best way is the Jesus way. In this series we’ve been talking about three competing worldviews: The way of the world, The way of religion. and the way of Jesus. Today we are talking about how we deal with our pain. We believe the Way of Jesus offers us the best option…

As we continue throughout this series, our goal is to define the different ways of life. Reference these definitions to help people recognize the three ways to live – the way of the world, the way of religion, the way of Jesus – and to discover the tools necessary to follow in the way of Jesus.

The Way of the World 

  • Definition: The culture and practices without God.
  • Example: The Way of the World says “do whatever you want and you’ll be happy.”

The Way of Religion

  • Definition: The culture and practices that distort God.
  • Example: The Way of Religion says “just follow the rules and you’ll feel worthy.”

The Way of Jesus

  • Definition: The culture and practices that glorify God.
  • Example: The way of Jesus says, “learn to live in God’s world God’s way and experience true life.”

Start Talking

  • What is your experience with church and alcohol?
  • Why would you say most people drink alcohol?
  • If you are someone who drinks, what reasons do you have? If you don’t drink, do you also have reasons for this?
  • Have you ever been in a season where you drank to “numb something” (We would say this is  “The Way of The World”)?
  •  We believe Jesus wants to heal our wounds, and numbing it will never do it. Talk about how you have experienced this to be true.

Read This

Read Matthew 15:8

  • Who is Jesus talking about?
  • What does he mean?
  • We might say that Jesus is describing “The Way of Religion” in this verse, those who fake it. Have you had a season where you were pretending things were fine, when they were not? Why did you do this? How does the Way of Religion contribute to faking it?Contrary to the Way of Religion and the Way of the World, Jesus wants us to face our pain. Furthermore, He not only wants us to face it, but He wants to replace it. Read Galatians 5:22. Describe the things God wants to give us through the Holy Spirit as we face our pain with Him.

What Now

It’s easier said than done to face our pain. It takes courage, and it takes help! 

  • Here are five things we think are necessary to face our pain:
    • We need the Holy Spirit to help us
    • We need a Godly Counselor (professional counselor and/or mentor) (Proverbs 20:5)
    • We need a journal (a quiet space to process what’s going on inside of us)
    • We need a quiet space and place
    • We need authentic friendships (Everyone doesn’t need to know everything, but someone does)
      • Which of these five steps do you need to take this week to face what’s really going on in you?
  • Perhaps alcohol isn’t something that is controlling or consuming you, but chances are high something might be. Is there something else that you use to numb or fake your pain (ex: food, social media, shopping, etc.)?
  • What do you feel God leading you to do after today’s conversation? How can we help?

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