It’s quite possible that all of us would say we are tired or stressed and ready for a break! It seems, no matter our season, that life can be exhausting! Stress is a real thing, and we have to find a way to deal with it. The Way of the World, and The Way of Religion offer us some options, but we believe the option Jesus shows is  where we will find the most rest!

Start Talking

  • Rate your current exhaustion or stress level (1-10). What would you say is contributing to that?
  • If you could do anything to find rest, what would you do (don’t tell us the most spiritual thing, what is the first thing that comes to mind)?
  • Talk about what The Way of the World teaches us when it comes to stress relief: to unwind, generally by consuming something (eating, drinking, entertainment). How have you seen this to be true? Tell us about a time that you have drifted into searching for relaxation by consuming.
  • The Way of Religion leads us to find rest by DOING more or by simply being more religious. What does this look like? Do you know anyone who “rests” by trying to be better?

Read This

  • Whether we like it or not, stressful things aren’t going away. It’s possible we hope that when a certain “thing” is over we won’t feel stress and we will be able to rest. But the truth is, there is always something that could steal our rest so we have to learn to find rest IN all seasons of life, otherwise we are just pushing off peace! The Way of Jesus isn’t about consuming or doing. Let’s look at Jesus himself to see how He deals with life. Read Luke 5:16
    • What is happening here?
    • What can we learn from Jesus?
  • Talk about the idea that Jesus was always busy, but never in a hurry.
  • Read also Matthew 14:13
    • What is happening in this verse?
    • Why do you think Jesus did what He did?
  • Contrast The Way of Jesus with The Way of the World, and The Way of Religion

What Now

  • As we “Paused” on Sunday, did you take note of anything that was weighing you down? Were you also able to identify what you need from God right now?
  • We imagine this idea of “Pausing” seems appealing, but possibly idyllic. What hesitations come to mind when you consider “Pausing” daily?
  • Would you consider adding at least one of these practices to your day?
    • Making a Gratitude List- What are you grateful for?
    • Start a Bible Reading plan
    • Practice the Pause App
    • Use the Pause journal
    • Begin Contemplative Prayer (sitting quietly WITH God for a few minutes)
    • Write out Scripture – This slows our mind and focuses it on truth
    • Pray on your knees – not because its “better”, but because its a position of surrender
  • As you consider how you can put the practice of Pausing into your daily life, think about these verses of scripture: 

Additional Resources

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Book: Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry 

Book: The One Minute Pause Journal

App: One Minute Pause App

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