A Middle School Series About Sex and Relationships

One of the most potentially awkward and uncomfortable conversations to have with your middle schooler? The one about sex, dating, and relationships! That’s why we’re spending four weeks talking about just that in our new series, Awkward.

A conversation like this one may be awkward, but it’s so important! Some students may be curious about it while others may be uninterested. Some may be embarrassed while others may be experiencing some of these things for the first time. And some may have never thought about sex, dating, or relationships before. No matter where your middle schooler may be, it’s important to lay the foundation for healthy thoughts, habits, and behaviors around sex now so that they’ll have a better framework to make decisions as they grow.

Below you will see the video messages we will be showing each week of this series, the Small Group Leader Guides, and additional resources for you to navigate this topic with your student.

We believe in you and are for you. YOU GOT THIS!

Series Preview

Check out this video from our team that previews what we are going to talk to your Middle Schooler about during our series, Awkward.



Week 1 – God’s Plan

This week, we hope to show students that God has a plan for them when it comes to sex and sexual desires and to encourage them to choose to honor Him with their choices in those areas of their lives.

Week 2 – Boundaries

For week 2, we will be helping students recognize what obsessions may be at work in their lives and encourage them to set healthy boundaries around those things.

Week 3 – Your Value

This week, students will be challenged to consider the way they value themselves and others and to point them toward finding their worth in God.

Week 4 – Be Love

To end our series, we will help students think about what kind of person they want to become and to take steps toward developing the qualities they want in themselves.