This conversation is so important, but we also know it’s so hard! No doubt each of you may have varying feelings, thoughts, views, and experiences. It is our hope that you are able to create a safe space to hear and care for each other’s hearts, as you each also seek to understand God’s heart. We believe the Holy Spirit is with, and is your helper (Matthew 18:20).  We also hope that this conversation isn’t a one time thing, but rather an ongoing one. Thank you for showing up for this. We are cheering you on and praying with you!


  • How are you processing the events of the past few weeks? Are you sad, mad, fearful, ashamed, confused, overwhelmed ? Perhaps you feel all of this or more!
  • What, if anything has changed in your heart and mind in the past few weeks?
  • Andy mentioned an important story about Jesus. When Jesus’ friend Lazuras died, He paused and wept (John 11:13-37). He stood in the pain of those around Him, before providing a solution. What can we learn from Jesus in this story, and how does it apply to the current events happening around us? Have you ever had anyone give you the gift of “standing in your pain before providing a solution”? How did it affect you?
  • There is so much that we can’t control, especially right now. But we can control “How people who don’t look like us experience us”. While this statement alone, should cause us to deeply reflect, as Christ followers, we must take this idea a step further and ask, “How should people who don’t look like me experience me?”
    • Jesus answers this question for us on John 13:34. Additionally Paul gives us a practical way to practice Jesus’ command in Galatians 6:2
    • Keeping these two passages in mind, what does Jesus’ new command  brand of love look like in our current context? 
  • If you are a Jesus follower, it is not enough to “not be racist”, we must be “anti-racism”. Will you, regardless of the color of your skin, decide not to be content with merely being non-racist? Will you decide to make the shift to  anti-racism? Anti-discrimination? If yes, what steps are you or have you taken towards this? How can this group support you in that?

One Final Thought

If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do now, reading and praying this prayer might be a good place. Let God show you! Psalm 139: 23-24

Additional Resources

United: A Conversation About Race, Faith & Our Response (Password: conversation)