Definitions are important. How we define ourselves, how we define our values and how we define success.

Discussion Questions

Start Talking

  • Have you ever had a moment like Jeff shared (Are you a Baptist or a Methodist?) when you were not working with the same definition as someone else? Or you were hearing the question differently from what was being asked?
  • What is your definition of success?
  • How has that definition evolved as we have worked through this series?

Read This

  • Read Luke 18:1-8: 
    • What stands out to you?
    • How is the persistence of the widow an image of faithfulness?
    • When are you tempted to give up? What situation in your life right now are you tempted to give up?
  • Read Matthew 8:5-13:
    • Again in this story Jesus brings to the attention of those listening the importance of faith. What was so remarkable about the Centurion’s faith?
    • Who does Jesus compare the Centurion’s faith to? How does the Centurion measure up in comparison?
    • Why might the Centurion have had a deeper faith than someone in Israel?
    • Do you ever take for granted God’s faithfulness and provision in your life?

What Now

  • What areas of your life do you need to practice faithfulness in? 
    • How can this group help?
  • How does this idea of faithfulness shape your definition of success?
  • As you continue to grow in your faith in Jesus, your definition will continue to change. 
    • What can you do to help grow your faith and remain faithful? 
    • How can this group help?
  • If Jesus returned today, where in your life would He find faith?

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.  – Mother Teresa

Additional Resources

Bible Reading Plan 

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1

Song:Faithful Now” by Eddie Hoagland, Mia Fieldes, Jonathan Smith, Hank Bentley

Podcast: Matthew West Podcast- “Angie Smith’s Faithfulness Through Joy and Sorrow