Student Takeover

This week we got to see that teachings found in scripture are relevant for any age. Charles Ficken, our student director, spoke to the current state of GenZ, our middle school and high school students. Yet, as he spoke, it was evident that a major issue students are facing, is challenging for adults as well.  Ultimately, we all need courage, and we believe God gives it!

Start Talking

  • If you went to church as a high school or middle school student, how was your church experience different from what you think students are experiencing now?
  • When do you first remember having social media? What platform was it? What, if any, social media platforms do you use now?
  • We talked on Sunday about how for students, anxiety and stress come along with social media. How have you experienced this to be true for you as well?
  • Do you remember feeling stress and anxiety as a student? Where do you wish you had courage?
  • What is something courageous you remember doing as a middle school or high school student?

Read This

  • Read 2 Timothy 1:7
    • What stands out to you?
    • Who is this verse written to?
    • Why does this verse matter?
  • Read Joshua 1:1-9
    • What mission did God give Joshua?
    • Why do you think it was important that Joshua was clear on his mission?
    • Charles shared with us that “Courage rests on clarity of our mission”. What would you say is your mission right now? How does this mission affect your daily life?
    • What difference does it make to believe that God is with us (especially in scary or new situations or seasons)? 
  • As we practice believing that God is with us and thus acting courageously, we gain confidence. Courage leads to more courage. Where else in scripture do we see people acting courageously?
  • Is there a specific passage or verse in The Bible that helps give you courage to keep trusting and walking with God?

What Now

  • Where in your life right now do you want to be more courageous?
  • Who helps you walk courageously?
  • Who is someone you can give courage (encourage) to (perhaps it’s someone you don’t even know at Athens Church)? In other words, who needs you cheering them on in the mission God has given them?

Additional Resources

Bible Reading Plan 

Backstage Pass