Have you ever felt torn making a decision? Maybe between what you want to do and what you should do, or maybe between what culture does and what God says to do? What if there was a simple way to know the right choice? What if there was a clear way to live in step with how God wants us to live?

The good news is the Holy Spirit helps us do that. However, many people view the Holy Spirit as unapproachable, mystical, or just too confusing, but He doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually means to live a life guided by the Holy Spirit, then this series is for you.

Start Talking

  • What has made you sad this past Spring/Summer?
  • Is there anything happening this fall that is causing you sadness? Because many would describe this year as a “year of sadness,” we feel it’s important to intentionally focus on the truths in Galatians 5:13-26. As a reminder, here are some of the ideas we discussed last week.
    • It’s vital we understand how God has revealed Himself. 1 God in 3 persons: Father, Son, & Spirit.
    • If you’ve trusted Christ as your savior, you are facing a battle between your flesh & spirit.
    • The key to winning the battle is to let the Spirit guide your life
    • The evidence of winning is the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Were there moments this past week that you were able to “Abide in Christ” as we talked about last week?
  • Although this may be a “time of sadness”, we believe God wants to produce His joy in us. How would you describe the difference between happiness and joy?
  • Do you agree with the idea Sean mentioned about Joy being connected to Hope?
  • How have you seen this in your life?What would you say you put your hope in?

Think About It

  • How can you live with joy in a time of sadness?
  • Which of these ideas that Sean shared resonated with you in regards to experiencing joy?
    • Obey God: Romans 15:13
    • Learn about Heaven
    • Soak up the good
    • Experience Creation
  • For those of us that would say things are hard right now. Which of these ideas do you need to focus on:
    • Tell God you Trust Him
    • Choose to Rejoice
    • Pursue Soul healing
    • Acknowldge Reality
    • Tune out sources of fear

Look It Up

  • Read Galatians 5:13-26 again. What end goal is Paul hoping for the Galatians (Hint: same answer as last week)?
  • How can you surrender to the Spirit’s joyful leadership in your life?

What Now?

Write this down, and pray this prayer this week:

Holy Spirit, guide my life and fill me with joy!

You may be amazed at what produces in your heart!

Additional Resources

The Joyful Christian by C.S. Lewis (Book)
Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray (Book)
Where You Are by Leeland (Song)