For the leader: Charles talked about times in life where things don’t go as you planned. He specifically addressed high school seniors. Goodness, things have not gone as planned for them! However, the lessons taught apply to us all! 


  • What were some disappointments you faced in childhood or  high school? What are some you’ve faced in adulthood?
  • What are common ways people deal with disappointment that seem unproductive?
  • Charles gave us three observations from the  book of Habakkuk: confession, acceptance, and praise. How can you/have you allowed God to use stress and pressure in your life to bring about good and refine you (In this season or another)?
  • What kinds of disappointments have you experienced the last few months? What’s a step from Charles list that would be helpful for you to implement?

One Final Thought

Let’s consider memorizing a verse together, Proverbs 3:5-6. Memorizing God’s word can be helpful as we try to process and grow through disappointment. 

How can we pray for each other this week?