For the leader: These questions are designed to be a guide and starting point for good conversation! You don’t have to ask all of them, and you can even add your own. The goal of tonight is not to finish these questions, it is to get your group talking openly about what God is showing them about this message. We encourage you to pick and choose from the questions below!

Fun is a very important element of your group! The group that Laughs together stays together right? Gerald started his message sharing his version of the Dolly Parton Challenge. While we would not suggest doing a Google search of this challenge, it could be really funny to see if anyone in your group has done this challenge themselves. If not, you can always check out our teaching pastor, Andy Stanley’s version.

Start Talking

  1. We finished our conversation last week discussing three ways we could take back our souls from our phones:
    • Set some phone-free times.
    • Determine some phone-free places.
    • Resist the Boredom Scroll.
    • Did anyone attempt to implement one of these ideas? How did it go?
  2. When did you first start using social media? Which platform was it
  3. What forms of social media do you currently use? Which one do you use the most, and why?
  4. Gerald mentioned that while most social media apps came about within a ten year span. They didn’t just happen TO us, they are having an effect ON us! In what ways do you find that social media has affected you positively? In what ways have you found social media to have a negative effect on you or those around you?

What About You?

  1. Has social media ever led you to a place you “didn’t intend to go?”
  2. If you have found yourself in a place you didn’t intend to go, or with consequences you didn’t intend to have because of social media, how did you remedy it?
  3. If you have kids, how do you handle social media with your kids?
  4. We discussed last week the idea of having a “Theology of Technology”—what you believe about your device & how you are going to use it. Do you have a theology of technology specifically for social media?

Look It Up

  1. We likely all agree that social media, while it has many benefits, can also cause many problems. There are a million ways we could manage this tension. Lets go to scripture for some guidance. The book of Ephesisans was written to the church of  Ephesus, and the author Paul was hoping to help them learn to walk in holiness (loving God) as well as unity with each other (loving others)! Read Ephesians 5:15,16 . What do you think Paul meant by “the days are evil” ?
  2. Gerald mentioned in his message that this idea of our days being evil, could simply be that culture is headed in a direction that is different from Christ. He then said “If you go with the flow, you’ll end up somewhere you never planned to go.” How have you found this to be true with social media?
  3. Have you ever found social media producing one of these feelings in you:
    • Wanting something you knew you didn’t need (gluttony)
    • Wanting something you knew wasn’t good for you (lust)
    • Comparing yourself to others
    • Feelings of anxiety
  4. While it may seem extreme to say that social media is/can lead you to evil, the truth is, that it is leading you somewhere. Where do you think social media leads your heart and mind?
  5. How are we as Christ followers supposed to “make the most of every opportunity?” (Ephsians 5:15-16) How do you apply this idea to your use of social media?

What Now?

  1. So often, we want to label things like social media as good or bad. But it seems that what would make it “good or bad” is how it is used. So, as Gerald mentioned, a better thought for us might be “How can I use social media wisely?”  Gerald gave three ideas (each rooted in truth from the book of Proverbs, known as the “Book of Wisdom”) on how to determine if we are using social media wisely.
    • How much time do we spend on social media (Proverbs 4:23)
    • Evaluate who we follow on social media (Proverbs 13:20)
    • Think through what we post on social media (Proverbs 10:19)
    • Which of these three ideas resonate with you most?
  2. What has this conversation shown you about God’s heart towards you?

Helpful Resources

Here are a couple resources Gerald mentioned in his talk today and others we think are helpful for social media, too!
How to Set an App Time Limit on iPhone and iPad by How-To Geek (Article)
Are You Sharing Too Much About Your Kids Online? Probably by Leah Plunkett (Article)
If You Didn’t ‘Sharent,’ Did You Even Parent? by The New York Times (Video)
Mom, Stop Looking at Your Phone by Risen Motherhood (Podcast)
How to Parent in a World of Social Media by Parent Cue Live (Podcast)
The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch (Book)
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer (Book)