For the leader: Today’s conversation is vitally important to all of us, not just moms! At the heart of it, is the understanding that we are not enough in ourselves, that we need Jesus, and that He is enough. This is the good news! Fortunately, we don’t have to do more in this season, our hearts can be at rest! We hope you enjoy talking about the hope Jesus offers us today!


  • While today’s conversation was geared towards Moms, there is no doubt the topics discussed affect all of us. Jennie and Tara mentioned several challenges moms might be facing right now (Stages of Grief, Exhaustion, Extra Pressures (internal and external). Whether you are a mom or not, which of these three can you relate to most in this current season?
  • What is currently causing you the most stress? Do you tend to “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” when you are stressed?
  • The way we talk to ourselves matters! In the midst of the challenges mentioned above, what has your self talk been like? Have you been demanding perfection from yourself (or even those around you)? Why is it important that we remember perfection isn’t possible or necessary?
  • How can you/have you allowed God to use stress and pressure in your life to bring about good and refine you (In this season or another)?
  • Tara mentioned that internal conflict can actually be good, as it is growth trying to happen! We believe that God uses all things (even pandemics!) in our lives to help surface things that he wants to mature/grow/develop/heal. Have you recently discovered any new (or old) thing that God wants to mature/grow/develop/ or heal?
  • Read Ecclesiastes 4:5-6. What does it mean to have “one hand with quietness”? Why does the scripture tell us this is better than having “two handfuls with hard work”? What would it look like for you to practice this principle in your life?

One Final Thought

Mother or not, culture tries to encourage us by telling us that we are enough, but that is not what the Gospel teaches us. The gospel teaches that we are not enough, and that we need Jesus to save us from ourselves! In fact, trying to be enough keeps us striving/working/scraping up every last ounce of our own inner strength which leaves us weary and worn out. Jesus is our enough. The very best thing we can offer ourselves and our children/families is to seek God and trust that He will be enough. Each of these scriptures speak to that. Would you consider memorizing one (or part of) of these scriptures? You could also write it out, and post it where you will see it often.

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