Whether we realize it or not, our mindsets and thought patterns lead us. When a mindset has become a mind trap, we need a mind change. This week we’re talking about the mind trap of all-or-nothing: the tendency to think in terms of polar opposites without accepting the possibilities that lie between the two extremes. All-or-nothing thinking leads to the belief we have to get everything perfectly right or we are worthless.

Start Talking

  • Is there a certain area of your life where you tend to be “all or nothing”, all in or all out? You either passed or you failed. Why would you say this is true of you?
  • Religion is fueled by rigidity. Religious people tend to oversimplify complex issues with all-or-nothing thinking. Growing up, would you have described your experience with religion as something that was rigid? Why or why not?
  • A maturing faith means less certainty about most things and more certainty about a few things. Is there anything you were certain about earlier in life and now are less certain about?
  • Is there anything you were uncertain about earlier in life that you are more certain about today?

Read This

Nothing holds as much potential for life change as letting God give you a mind change. The apostle Peter Said it this way:

Read 1 Peter 1:13-16.

  • What stands out to you?
  • What does it mean to be “alert and sober”? 
  • Why does Peter say we need to be alert and sober?
  • Talk about holiness. What does it mean, and what does it look like in our real lives? 
  • How does one, as Clay mentioned, “make holiness the guardrail rather than the goal?”

What Now

  • If you saw a circumstance as an opportunity to grow, how would it change your approach, attitude, or decisions regarding that circumstance? Would you put less pressure on yourself?
  • Limiting yourself to a pass/fail perspective will limit how much God grows you. Rather, as Peter led us,  we should think about these things:
    • Keep your mind alert and sober
    • Set your hope on grace
    • Focus on growth/holiness (rather than perfection)
    • Which of these things can you focus on this week?
  • As we wrap up this series, what has God shown you about mind traps? Has the Holy Spirit changed your mind in any way? Is there a thought pattern you would still like to see some grown in?