For the last two weeks we have been in a series called “Mind Traps”. We have discussed the Victim Mindset and the Negativity Mindset, but today we are discussing the Judgment Mindset, which in and of itself isn’t dangerous. However, when this shifts from a mindset to a mindtrap hurtful and  dangerous things are possible!

Start Talking

  • As you consider last week’s conversation on the “Negativity Mindset”, did you find yourself drifting towards any negative thought patterns this last week? Awareness is the first step in changing these patterns, so ask God to keep you aware!
  • At the beginning of this week’s message, Sean listed out several statements that are pretty polarizing. We definitely do not want to get into opinions in this conversation, but, where have you experienced these polarizing statements in the last year?
  • It seems as if opinions on such ideas have drifted from more than just right and wrong, to being evil. Sean made the statement that some people seem to think “You’re not just wrong, now you are evil!”. Have you seen this mindset become a trap for people around you?
  • If what Sean said is true, “That wars begin with words”, how does social media play a role in this?
  • Talk about the difference between “critical thinking” and “being critical”. How do you practice the former without the latter?

Read This

Read Romans 12: 1-2 together. We discussed these verses a few weeks ago. How do they  relate to our conversation today?

  • Why is it vitally important that as Christians we understand the idea of “Not conforming to the patterns of this world”? What does this idea do for us personally, and how does it affect the world around us?

Read also Romans 12:18.

  • In many Bibles that “title” of Romans 12 is “A Living Sacrifice” (Take out your physical Bible, and see what it says above chapter 12). Paul (the author) is hoping to show the Romans HOW to live out their relationship with Jesus in a way that makes a difference. Furthermore, you may see two other “titles” in this chapter: “Humble Service in the Body of Christ”, and “Love in Action” or something similar. It seems as if what Paul is leading us to in verse 18 is that “Making every effort to keep peace with everyone”– is a spiritual act of worship, that it matters! Beyond what we think is right, how we treat people has significant implications! What would it look like for you to love someone well who you totally disagree with?

What Now

  • Is social media affecting your “I’m right, your wrong” mindset? If yes, what do you need to do about it?
  • Read John 13:35 together.  Following Jesus can be intense! It can be hard to love others, to give away our right, to be right. Who is someone you need to intentionally love in light of today’s conversation?
  • Sean and Clay left us with three practical tools to love others first. Of the three, which can you focus on this week:
    • Don’t let your news feed determine your view of the world
    • Don’t let your screen determine your emotional equilibrium
    • Start and/or end your day with God and His word. Renew your mind. Put different thoughts into your mind.