No one likes feeling trapped. All of us have something that is holding us back, getting in our way, or keeping us from experiencing God’s best for us. What if the issue really is in our mind, and how do we stop ourselves from getting mind trapped?

Start Talking

  • Was there ever a time you felt trapped (in an elevator, on a flight, in traffic, in a relationship, in a job)? What was that like?
  • Describe a time when you felt trapped by a thought pattern?
  • Our minds are powerful, and the thoughts we have lead to the behavior we have. Therefore it’s important to pay attention to our thought patterns.  How do we keep a thought or thought pattern from becoming a mind trap?
  • Why do you think people trend towards the victim mentality? Is this a learned behavior?
  • Clay talked about having a victim mindset. How would you describe what that means?
  • In what area of life (e.g., work, health, relationships, finances) are you most likely to have a victim mindset?
  • Thinking about the last week, when were you inclined  (whether you actually did it or not) to blame someone else instead of owning your thoughts? How did it play out?
  • As Clay mentioned, perhaps you truly have been wronged and victimized. IF this is you, would you say you have a ‘victim’s mindset’ or a “survivor’s mindset’? Why does it matter that you determine which one?

Read This

  • What do you know about Joseph in the Bible? Not Joseph, Jesus’ dad, but Joseph with the “coat of many colors”. Talk about the many reasons he could have the “victim mentality” (You can read more about Joseph in Genesis 37)
  • Read Genesis 50:19-21. What is happening when Joseph says this? Do you think Joseph says this to his brothers? What does this say about Joseph? What stands out to you about the way Joseph spoke to his brothers?
  • This verse  sounds similar to Romans 8:28. Talk about who said this statement. Why is it impactful that he believed this as well?

Read also 2 Corinthians 5:17

  • When you think about your life, what does the “Old” represent? What about the “new”?

What Now

  • You can choose to believe that God is arranging the circumstances around you to do something in you and through you. In his message, Clay gave us a three-step game plan to overcome the victim mentality:
    • Identify your own victim thoughts.
    • Be aware of the false benefits of your victim’s thoughts.
    • Replace them with something more helpful.
  • Considering the victim mentality: Of these three things, are you able to identify which one you are at today (A, B, or C)?
  • Talk about a time you have seen God use difficult circumstances for the good of yourself and others. How is that healing? Do you believe that God can use the hard parts of your story to help someone else?
  • Read Philippians 2:5–11.
    • What do these verses tell us about how Jesus was victimized?
    • Why did Jesus CHOOSE to be a victim?
    • How do we have this same mindset as Jesus? 
    • Because Jesus became a victim, we can live in freedom. What do you need to do this week to step out of the victim mindset?

Remember This

Through Christ, God became a victim so we could experience victory. Choose to believe that God is arranging the circumstances around you to do something in you and through you. Let God be your vindicator. Let him be your defender. If he’s in you, he can change you. If he’s in you, your thoughts can change.