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Some would argue that crisis doesn’t build character, it actually exposes character. For most of us, the fast-paced lifestyle we are accustomed to created enough distraction for some parts of us to go unnoticed and unattended, but this season has changed that. Maybe over these last few weeks, you’ve felt some things come to the surface you haven’t noticed before. Some good things, for sure, but for many of us we’ve come face to face with some deep, unhealthy, and broken parts of ourselves. What do we do with those things now that they’re up at the surface?

During the month of May, we’ll be posting a new video interview each week with a different local, mental health professional talking about different topics of mental health like grief, anxiety, loneliness, and how to handle emotions that have surfaced in this time. We hope these conversations are helpful and encouraging as we continue to grow in mental health together.

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episode #1 // phyllis kiser + stephen sowell

Grief is something we try often to avoid because we don’t understand it. This week, Stephen talks with local counselor Phyllis Kiser on how grief is showing up in us these days and how we can properly grieve the things we’ve lost.

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Anxiety & Depression

episode #2 // erica dell + chris williams with andy lowry

Every human faces stress and sadness in the normal flow of life, but when “normal” life is no longer normal, anxiety and depression can rise. This week, Andy talks with Erica Dell and Chris Williams about understanding anxiety and depression and how God intersects us in this unique season.

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Emotional Seesaw of COVID-19

episode #3 // hannah hall with courtney rue

During this season, the roller coaster of our emotions has caused emotional instability for almost everyone. In this week’s video, Courtney talks to local counselor, Hannah Hall, about how to reframe negative thoughts and stop the downward spiral of uncontrolled thinking.

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Collegiate Loneliness and Loss

episode #4 // tara lowry + ken thomas with courtney lamb

Let’s be real. COVID-19 has affected us all, and has definitely affected college students! This week, Courtney Lamb speaks with Tara Lowry, local counselor, and Ken Thomas, who has worked with collegiates for 20+ years, about how to navigate the loss and potential loneliness that this season has brought. If you are a college student or know a college student, this listen is for you. It’s helpful, practical, and encouraging!

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Physical Health and Emotional Health

episode #5 // corey little with whit smith

Our physical and mental health are clearly related, but the connection between them is not always so easy to understand. This week, Whit talks with local wellness coach Corey Little about the profound influence our physical health has on our mental health and wellbeing.

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