• It’s likely possible that your Memorial Day plans are looking different than they normally do! What do you normally do, and what you are doing to make this weekend fun? OR What is your favorite Memorial Day memory?
  • Memorial Day is a time to honor the thousands of people who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for our country, so we could live freely. What a beautiful thing to celebrate! One could also say that there are many “Essential Workers” doing a similar thing right now! Whom do you know personally that has sacrificed in either way?
  • The thing that’s so moving about the sacrifices made on our behalf is that it reminds us of the greatest sacrifice ever made, when Jesus gave His life for us. Jesus said it this way in John 15:13, Once your heart & your mind really grasp this idea, it’s overwhelming, and it never gets old!  Therefore, it’s reasonable to ask what we should do in response. Romans 12:1  gives us a pretty good clue! What does this verse (and the few surrounding it) mean to you?
  • Many of us drifted through the Spring, not sure what day it was, and trying to navigate the latest fear- based media story (totally normal btw!).  But what if we intentionally step into the summer with a spiritual goal? What’s one way we can grow spiritually between now and Labor Day (a few ideas below)?
    • Pray for something daily – Make a prayer card for things you’ll pray for daily this summer
    • Memorize a verse/week or month
    • Fast from something (social media, alcohol, coffee, etc.)
    • Read specific Scripture
    • Participate in a Starting Point group (we have digital groups!)

One Final Thought

The bravest men & women we know are those who put their life on the line for the sake of others. The greatest sacrifice we have ever known was when Jesus gave His life for us! Making a decision to grow spiritually and to set a goal isn’t about “being a good Christian”or “Being Spiritual”, it’s about responding to what God did for you! Ask Him, to make His sacrifice personal to you, and let Him show you how to respond! Our guess is that it will mean a lot more to you, and that you will likely stick to it!

So, what do we do in response to that sacrifice?