For the leader:The conversation you are likely to have with your group today is significant in so many ways. One thing we want to remind you before you begin, we trust you. We trust you to care and listen to people battling fear and anxiety. We trust you to help people in your group see hope. We trust you to lead with empathy, grace, and love. We do not expect you to have all the answers or a perfect perspective. However, we do expect you to help your people move in the direction of vulnerable conversation and clear steps to take in growing their relationship with Jesus. Also, try to have fun at the beginning of this! This is a good time to share your favorite CoronaVirus Meme 😊

Life is better connected, even if just virtually! Cheering you on!


  • Lets talk about what has changed for you in the last ten days. What is something you have gotten more of (sleep, fear, calories, netflix), and what is something you have gotten less off (sleep, exercise, money, peace, alone time)?
  • In the last ten days, what have you noticed about your heart and mind?
  • Read Romans 12:2. This portion of Paul’s letter to the Romans reminds us that as followers of Jesus, it’s important that we not allow anyone or anything in this world to dictate our approach to life. An opportunity we have in this season is to turn down the noise (news, opinions, etc,), and focus on what is true (Scripture, worship music, etc.) How are you choosing to do this?
  • As Followers of Jesus, we get the choice to be a thermometer (simply identifying with the temperature of the environment) or a thermostat (something used to adjust the temperature). What are some practical ways you can choose to be a thermostat right now over a thermometer?
  • We recently talked with Rebekah Lyons about creating Rhythms of Renewal in our lives. We believe that the rhythms we create during this uncertain time are vital to keeping us healthy and vibrant. Consider the rhythms Sean mentioned in his talk. Which rhythm do you need to implement this week?
    • Turn down media and turn up truth (Bible app reading plan, read proverbs, read John, memorize scripture)
    • Care for your body (exercise, nutrition, getting ‘“dressed” for the day, getting outside)
    • Connecting with your community (Hebrews 10:24-25)
    • Serve Someone
    • Worship with your voice (Psalm 59:17) 
  • A.W. Tozer said “A scared world needs a fearless church.” What is one thing you know to be true about God that you need to remember right now? How can you share that truth with those around you?