For the Leader: Note that in the “Look It Up” section there is a prompt to discuss the “Stones of Remembrance” in Joshua 4. If you have the time, read over this story before group. The practice of remembering is powerful to the Christian life and it is modeled so well in this story! If you have questions about this passage, please feel free to reach out to your group’s director!

We all have hopes and dreams, but what are we supposed to do when our hearts are broken and it seems like our dreams can’t come true? How do we reconcile this with a good God? Ultimately, where do we place our faith? We believe God is trustworthy even if our dreams don’t come true!

Start Talking

  • What did you dream about becoming or doing when you were a child?
  • What is one dream from childhood that didn’t work out the way you thought it would? 
  • What is one dream from childhood that has turned out better than you thought?
  • What is a dream that you used to have that you no longer have?
  • What is something that you are currently dreaming about?

Think About It

  • Have you or someone you have known ever responded to broken dreams in a positive way? What’s different about them?
  • Do you have a dream you have had to let go of?
  • The prosperity gospel assumes if you do something for God, God will do something for you. When have you tried to negotiate with God? Explain. 
  • How has the prosperity gospel influenced your view of God?
  • How do you respond to the idea that the prosperity gospel is false? Do you find it easier to believe that it’s true?
  • Do you ever feel broken (or maybe just behind)  or cursed because your dreams aren’t coming true?
  • Do you believe there’s a purpose for you even when your dreams can’t come true? Explain.

Look It Up

  • Talk about some people in the Bible who had broken dreams. What is something about them that encourages you? What does their story show you about God?
  • When Jesus gathered his disciples, the invitation was to “follow him” (Matthew 4:19, Matthew 16:24, Mark 1:17). He wasn’t asking them to follow him because of what he was going to do, but rather for who he was (God’s Son), and what he had already done (Come to earth). His invitation  wasn’t one of blind trust, but it did require faith. What have you personally seen God do in your past that helps you have  faith to trust Him with your future?
  • Read about the stones of remembrance. Why is this practice so important to being a Christ follower? How does “remembering” impact our current situation?

What Now?

  • What is something you need to “remember” about God?
  • What would it look like if your faith wasn’t anchored in the fulfillment of your dreams, but rather in who God is? 
  • Are you able to believe that God is good, and He cares about you, even if your dreams don’t come true?

Remember this: When your dreams can’t come true, when your heart is broken, lean in, look up, and reach out to the God who has the whole world in His hands.

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