The story about your heart starts with your head. Sometimes, we block the pathway to faith in Christ with all types of questions and doubts. But most people don’t become Christians because their questions were answered. In fact, those doubts don’t always disappear; they just become smaller. Somewhere along the way, Christians choose to know God more than the answers to all of their questions. Our hope during this series is not that you would forget your questions, but rather that they would become smaller, as God becomes bigger. Our hope is that Jesus would become personal.

Start Talking

  • What are some areas of your life that have required you to “jump in” without overcoming all of the intellectual challenges?
  • In what situations have you used the phrase “It’s personal” in order to explain something that is unexplainable?
  • What is something that is both unexplainable and undeniable?
  • In your opinion, which of the reasons Josh shared most often keep people from becoming a Christian?
    • Too much suffering
    • Known too many Christians (& it’s not good!)
    • The Bible
    • “I’m not good enough.”
    • Raised in a different type of religion
    • Just don’t care
  • What are some other common obstacles that keep people from following Christ?

Think About It

  • When you were first considering Christianity, what pieces did not make sense?
  • If you are a Christian, that doesn’t mean that all of your questions have been answered! What things or questions are still unresolved for you?
  • What aspects of Christianity bother you the most? What do you “Do” with those things?
  • How have you experienced God making “It personal” in your life?

Look It Up

Read John 9:1-27.

  • What stands out to you?
  • What, if anything surprises you about this passage?
  • Did you learn anything new?
  • Do you find it interesting that the man didn’t have much information about Jesus, but was confident in Him? What can you learn from him?
  • How have you seen this happen in your life?

Read Phillipians 4:7. It’s likely you have heard this verse before today. How does this verse take on new meaning after today’s conversation?

What Now?

Consider praying this prayer this week: “Heavenly Father, I want to know you more than I want to know the answer to all my questions.”

Additional Resources

Do you or someone in your group have questions about the Bible, God, Jesus, etc? We would love for you to join a Starting point group!