If you’re a student: We encourage you to consider how you can help lead a friend or someone younger than you into a growing relationship with Jesus! While much of Josh’s message was directed toward the “adult”, the same principles apply to you! God has gifted YOU to help others know Him! Perhaps you can spend a bulk of today figuring out how you can get connected and stay connected to those older than you and those younger than you who are trying to walk with Jesus! Cheering you on!

Each fall, thousands of parents drop their son or daughter off for college in Athens. They outfit the dorm room and say their goodbyes, but then what? What does a college student need to truly thrive? What can we, as the church, do to help them?

Start Talking

  • Why did you choose to live or stay in Athens, Georgia?
  • If an adult, was church a part of your college experience? If yes, what role did it play?

What About You?

  • For the adult: When you were in college did you have someone older than you that helped you and your relationship with God?
  • For the  Student: Who are the adults that help you with your relationship with God?
  • Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” says that there are certain needs we all have, that build upon each other (see below).  Most college students come to college for these things (self-esteem, self-actualization), but you can’t have those things until you find love and belonging.  You need a place to belong, a place to connect. We believe this is part of the role of the church! When you think about the college students in Athens, what are you doing to help them belong at our church?

Look It Up

Did you know the Bible has a lot to say about helping others grow in relationship with Jesus?  Ultimately, we can watch and learn from Jesus and the way He lived to discover what it looks like to “lead people in a growing relationship with Him (Jesus)” (Our church’s Mission). You can read about His life in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). But did you know the whole Bible has a lot to say about helping others grow in relationship with Jesus?

Here are just a few of many helpful passages of scripture regarding leading people into a growing relationship with Jeus: 

As you read these, what stood out to you?

What Now?

  •  How can you help make Athens Church a “Home Away from Home” for college students? Some ideas: 
  • Are you connected to someone of another generation at our Church? If not, what is keeping you from doing so? 
  • How might your own relationship with God change if you chose to connect to someone of another generation at our church?