For the leader: These questions are designed to be a guide and starting point for good conversation! You don’t have to ask all of them, and you can even add your own. The goal of tonight is not to finish these questions, it is to get your group talking openly about what God is showing them about this message. We encourage you to pick and choose from the questions below!

*Use your story cards to begin your conversation. Lay them out, and ask each member to pick a card that represents their current morning habits. Have fun with this!

We become like those we surround ourselves with.   This principle implies both a relational habit and time habit. One of the best ways you can spend your time in 2021 is to begin each day with Jesus.  As a Church, we are going to start this together by going on a 21-morning journey.  21 in ‘21 will help us establish first things first for each day – time with Jesus comes first

Start Talking

  • How do you start your day?
  • What are some keystone habits you practice that help you have a great day?
  • When and how do you intentionally spend time with God?
  • List some things that currently “Fill up your day.”

What About You?

  • Talk about the difference between goals and habits. What is one goal you have for 2021, and what is one habit you have in place to help you accomplish this goal?
  • What do you think about the statement Jeff made, “The best way to win the day is to win the morning?” Are mornings easy or difficult for you ?
  • If you have tried to implement a morning bible study plan before, what barriers have you encountered?
  • Do you believe that you become like those you surround yourself with? If yes, how have you seen this to be true in your life?
  • Who is someone that makes you better as you spend time around them?

Look It Up

  • Read Acts 3: 1-10. Read Acts 4: 1-14. What was it that stood out about Peter and John? Do you know anyone that you would describe in this way? What is it about them?
  • What would it take for you to implement the relational and time habit of spending time with Jesus first for the next 21 days?

What Now?

  • Open the Bible app and find this plan: 21 Days in the gospel of John. Click “Start Plan”. Who can you invite to do this journey with you?
  • What is your “Plan of Implementation” for accomplishing this 21 day journey? When and where will you do this Bible Study?
  • If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there is not much we can control. But, we can transform our inner selves (Romans 12) by renewing our minds daily. Regardless of our circumstances, our hearts and minds can be steady! What, if anything is keeping you from implementing the  habit of daily time with God? How can this group support you? Conversely, if you do practice daily time with God, how have you seen yourself be renewed?
  • What do you hope would happen in your heart and mind if you choose to do this plan?

Additional Resources

21 Days in the Gospel of John with Levi Lusko (Reading Plan)