To the Leader: This week we are kicking off a new four week series with Clay Scroggins called “Fight For It”. We will all face setbacks in life. This is something that’s out of our control. But we can build resilience through the small trials, which will give us what we need when the bigger trials come.

Have you ever struggled to bounce back from a setback? From getting stuck in traffic to losing a loved one, setbacks can be hard to move on from. The rate at which we bounce back is often determined by our level of resilience, so building your resilience now is crucial because you will need it later. Take time to plan how you can begin to build resilience by identifying the small trials in everyday life.

Start Talking

  • Who is someone you would consider resilient and why?
  • How would you define resilience? Would you consider yourself resilient?
  • Have you experienced/ are experiencing any of the circumstances Clay mentioned on Sunday? Did you feel prepared to deal with all of the challenges that came with it/them?
    • You or your parents are divorced
    • You just moved
    • You won the lottery or recieved a large inheritance
    • Someone disrupted your life with a contrary political view
    • You are a minority
    • You were bullied as a kid
    • You have had/have an eating disorder
    • You have experienced a job change
    • You have been personally impacted by the military

Think About It

  • What are some benefits of resilience?
  • You are not just going to wake up and be resilient. You have to build resilience. What are some ways you were taught to be resilient? Furthermore, what are some ways you fight for resilience?

Look It Up

  •  Read James 1:2-4
    1. What stands out to you?
    2. Who is James? Who is he talking to?
    3. What are trials? 
    4. Who will do well when a trial comes?
    5. How do you “Consider It pure joy” when facing a trial?
  • How can you be joyful in a trial vs. joyful for a trial?
  • Why would the discipline of perseverance be a good thing for believers (Consider reading Romans 5:3-5)?
  • Tell us about a time when you persevered through a trial. What personal and spiritual benefits did you experience? In other words, what purpose did you see in your trial?

What Now?

  • We get to choose how we see our trials, and our perspective might just make all the difference. What is one area of your life right now that you might need to ask the question “What are you trying to grow in me?” vs. “Why is this happening to me?”
  • Read John 16:33 together. How does knowing that Jesus has overcome the world change everything? Write this verse out and stick it somewhere you can see it, think about, and pray over it this week!

Additional Resources

When the Fight Calls by Hillsong Young & Free (Song)