If you are like most people, you can’t tell your life story without referencing people who played significant roles along the way. The same is true of your faith story. In this third week of FAITH FULL Andy explains the role that providential relationships play in the development of our faith.

Start Talking

  • Who is someone that you would use this statement about? Tell us why.

 “I wouldn’t have made it without him/her!” or “I wouldn’t be who I am without them!”

  • Looking back, are there people you feel God providentially brought into your life at crucial times? Who? How did God use them? (If this is a couples’ group, ask if anyone has seen God providentially bring someone into one of their children’s lives.)
  • When it relates to your spiritual life, who has had the biggest impact?
  • Looking back, is there a time when you feel God brought someone across your path that could have helped you, but you resisted the relationship?

Read This

Biblically speaking, a fool is someone who knows the difference between right and wrong but doesn’t care. A wise person is one who knows the difference and seeks to do what is right. Fools see life as disconnected. They live as if today’s decisions will have no impact on tomorrow. A wise person understands that life is connected and that today’s decisions have the potential to create tomorrow’s reality.

    • What is the promise to those who “walk” with the wise?
    • What is the consequence of being a companion of fools?
    • Based on your experiences, why do you think Solomon highlights what a person becomes (i.e., “wise”) in the first half of the verse, while he highlights what will happen (i.e., “suffering harm”) in the second half?
  • Read also John 1:46
    • What is happening here?
    • What is important about the interaction between Philip and Nathaniel?
    • What can we learn from them?
  •    Lastly, read Hebrews 10:23-25
    • What does it mean to spur each other on?
    • Why does proximity matter when it comes to our faith?
    • How is the health of our community and the health of our faith connected?
    • Talk about this statement Andy made on Sunday: “When we see God’s faithfulness in someone else’s life, it’s easier to trust Him with ours.” Share a time you have found this to be true in your own life.
    • Do you think it’s possible to have a thriving relationship with God outside of community? Why or why not

What Now

  • How are you proactively positioning yourself to be around people that will help grow your faith? Is there anyone outside of this small group that helps grow your faith?
  • How are you proactively positioning yourself to be in relationship to help others grow their faith?
  • Andy said on Sunday that “A single invitation could position you as a catalyst in someone’s faith story”. Who do you know that needs you to ask them to “Come and Sit with you” at church?

Remember This

“Your friends will determine the direction and quality of your life.” This is not just true for teenagers. Make a list of people that help grow your relationship with God. How can you intentionally be around them more?

Additional Resources

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