Are you looking for faith?

Are you losing faith?

Have you lost faith?

We want to help you get it back! 

Join us for part four of Faith FULL as we talk about fueling your faith in a world on empty.

Start Talking

  • What is the difference between following Jesus and believing in Jesus? Which of the two did Jesus invite people into first? (Matthew 4:18-20) Why is it important to note the order?
  • As we are on week three of this series, how would you answer this question: What fuels or facilitates the development of active, enduring faith? How would you answer this question personally?
  • This week we are talking about the idea that nothing causes us to depend on God more than pushing through our inadequacies to help other people. When we serve in a ministry we take personally, we experience God’s power and faithfulness. If you have experienced this, tell us about it

Read This

  • Read Mathew 14:14-19
    • What is happening in these verses?
    • What is relatable about the disciples in these verses?
    • How did the disciples’ active faith intersect with Jesus’ faithfulness in this story?
    • What do you think the “lesson of the loaves” is?
  • Do you ever feel like you are inadequate to serve others? Why do you think this?
  • What does it look like to give God the little (the fish and loaves) you have?

What Now

  • Talk about someone who has impacted your relationship with God. How did they specifically impact your faith? Do you think that they felt completely adequate in serving you? What would your story look like without them?
  • Tell us about someone you think God has used you to impact (It’s not prideful to share this! It’s faith building to acknowledge God working through you, and it’s encouraging and challenging to the rest of us!). How does it feel that God has/is using you?
  • Is anyone considering stepping into a new personal ministry? What draws you to this idea//why is it personal to you? What reservations do you have? How can we help you take this step?

Remember this: God doesn’t ask us to have it all figured out before we follow Him (We see this each time in the New Testament when He invites one of the disciples to follow Him). He just asks us to follow. It is when we do this that our faith builds and grows. We get to partner with God in things that are bigger than ourselves! Remember this…

“I’ll do what I can do, and trust God to do what only He can do.”

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