Are you looking for faith?

Are you losing faith?

Have you lost faith?

We want to help you get it back! 

Join us for part three of Faith FULL as we talk about fueling your faith in a world on empty.

Start Talking

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if all it took to have a good life was to have proper beliefs? For example, what if just believing we had to exercise was enough to have a healthy body?! Have you ever been in a season when you knew the thing you needed to do, but didn’t do it? Tell us about what this was like!
  • If you grew up attending church, what was emphasized? Information, correct theology, application, sacraments, attendance?
  • Jesus hopes that we won’t just  believe in Him and know the truth about Him, but that we will  take action in response. As Andy said :“When we believe, but don’t do, our dreams don’t come true.” You know this to be true in many areas of life (fitness, health, finances, relationships), but how have you seen this to be true in relation to your faith?
  • What would you say it looks like to put into action what you believe about Jesus?

Read This

  • When Jesus interacts with people who believe in Him in The Bible, He often asks them to “Follow Him” in response (for ex: Matthew 16:24, Matthew 4:19, John 10:27, John 12:26, Mark 2:14, and more!) Would you say it is easier to believe in Jesus than it is to follow Him?
  • Read Matthew 7:24-26
    • What stands out to you? 
    • What is Jesus really saying here?
  • Some of you may say your faith is lost or even weak. Oftentimes this is because we haven’t been exercising it. Isn’t it true that we lose strength in something when it hasn’t been worked? Furthermore, difficult circumstances in addition to this can crumble a weak faith. Would you say you are exercising your faith? If yes, how?

What Now

  • We think there are five main things that God uses to grow our faith. The first is practical teaching. How are you positioning yourself to hear practical teaching? 
  • Have you ever applied a specific teaching of scripture that looking back prepared you for an unexpected storm?
  • What would you say fuels or facilitates the development of YOUR enduring faith?
  • Is there an area of life that a bit more “application” of what you believed would make a big difference?

Additional Resources

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