We’re excited to announce the Athens Church Drive-In!

For the next two weeks—May 17 and May 24—we’ll be hosting our first ever Athens Church Drive-In. We know there are a lot of questions, and we’ve done our best to answer some of the most common ones below. Check back throughout the week as we update this with more information.

What do you mean by “drive-in?”

Great question, since this isn’t anything Athens Church has ever done before. In accordance with state guidelines, churches are allowed to hold drive-in services on site. For us, that means people will drive onto our campus, park in our parking lot, and experience our Sunday morning service from the comfort of their cars, vans, and truck beds. Our band will be live on The Plaza—near the Athens Church sign at the front of our building.

What time does it start?

Our drive-in service will begin at 10:00 a.m.

What time does the parking lot open?

The parking lot will open at 9:15 a.m.

Where do we need to park?

When you arrive on campus, our team will direct you to all open spots. Please follow our team’s direction for where to park—for your safety and ours.

How will we hear what’s going on?

You’ll have two different options to listen and follow along. First, roll down your windows, sit in the bed of your truck, and sing along! We’ll have outdoor sound equipment so you can sing along as loud as you want with the windows down… just like you do driving around town. Your other option is to tune on your car’s radio and you’ll be able to listen from the comfort of your car that way too!

Do we have to stay in our cars? Can we sit in our truck beds? Can we bring chairs?

Each vehicle will be limited to one parking spot. You are welcome to roll down your windows and participate from the comfort of your vehicle, pop your trunk and enjoy from your tailgate, or set up chairs around your vehicle. We ask that you observe all local guidelines regarding physical distancing as we seek to create safe environment for everyone who attends.

Will bathrooms be open?

There will be two bathroom-areas available for use—through a side UpStreet entrance and The Green Space. Please ask a Guest Services volunteer to help locate the closest bathroom to your parking spot.

What time will it end?

Our service will aim to end at 11:00 a.m.

Will I be able to leave before it is over?

For the safety of our team, fellow attendees, and everyone on campus, we ask that once you are parked that you do not leave. However, if there is an emergency that requires you to leave, please find one of our Guest Services volunteers to help you exit safely.

On normal Sundays there's a lot of traffic. What should we expect this Sunday?

We are working with local authorities to help make the arriving and leaving processes as smooth and quick as possible; however, please anticipate delays as you are entering and exiting. Please be patient with our team, your fellow attendees, and our officers as they work to get you parked and exited as quickly and safely as possible.

I heard something about “Senior Sunday?” Is that what this is?

In past years, we have recognized our graduating Seniors in different ways. This year, we’ll be honoring them as part of the service on Sunday, May 17. All Seniors will be invited to sit on The Plaza as a place of honor for this Sunday. Families of Seniors, you will be receiving more information from ACStudents this week.

Can my kids come, too?

We would love for them to join you! In fact, our Preschool and Elementary staff have been pulling together some tips & tricks for you to have a great drive-in experience!

  • Charge those iPads, bring headphones for your kids, and queue up a movie for them to watch during the service
  • Kids love ring pops and they last forever to keep them happy… and quiet
  • Print out the PDFs below, get a clipboard, bring a box of crayons, and let your kids to enjoy coloring while you worship


May 17 Activities Available Here
May 24 Activities Available Soon!


May 17 Activities Available Here
May 24 Activities Available Soon!

Will the service still be online/live-streamed?

Yes! We understand not everyone is able to make it out. So we will be live-streaming our drive-in service live at 10:00 a.m. at AthensChurch.com/online where it will be available on-demand afterwards as well.