The original message of Jesus was so compelling that everyone who heard it wanted it to be true. Maybe the version you’ve heard isn’t as captivating. If Jesus truly came with an invitation that left no one out, wouldn’t you believe it was really good news?

Start Talking

  • When asked, “Do you want the good news or the bad news first,” which do you pick? Why?
  • Growing up, when you heard the term sin, what came to mind? 
  • What is the difference between a mistake and a sin? Why is it important we understand the difference?
  • What do you think about Andy’s statement, “People who ‘don’t do’ guilt are adamant regarding the guilt of others” ? Do you know anyone like this?
  • In what ways have you held others to an external standard that you sometimes ignore yourself?

Think About It

  • Oftentimes good news affects only a few people. Rarely is good news universally impactful! What is something you can think of (other than Jesus’ birth) that is good news for everybody?
  • If the good news really is for all people (Luke 2:10-11), why do you think there is so much resistance to people believing it’s true? *As a reminder from last week, if the life and message of Jesus doesn’t strike you as good news, then maybe you have never heard the original version mentioned in Luke 2.

Look It Up

  • Read Luke 5:1-8. Why was Peter “not ok” with himself any longer?
  • When did it first dawn on you that you needed a Savior? What was your response to this realization? 
  • What “makes the good news not so good, is that we are not so good”. This statement can be very freeing if we believe it! In fact, this statement takes the pressure and focus off of ourselves and puts the focus on Jesus. How has understanding the “good news” been freeing for you?
  • Read Romans 3:23–24.
    • What does Paul say is the result of not living up to the glory of God?
    • Why is it noteworthy that Paul is the one saying this?
    • Who does this affect?
    • How is this good news?
    • According to Paul, what is it that makes us “Good”?

What Now?

  • How do you feel about the fact that Jesus leveled the playing field?
  • What does the “good news” of Jesus’ birth mean to you personally this year? 
  • How do you need to respond to the “good news” ?
  • Think on this: We all fall short AND We’ve all been invited to embrace the same solution.

Additional Resources

The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker (Book)