People close to Jesus were convinced they had met God personified. So they documented the story. They were convinced it wasn’t just for a nation or for a generation, but for all nations and every generation. This was good news, great joy, for all people—perhaps especially for those of us who aren’t all that good. The story of Jesus isn’t just a good story–it is good news for you and me!

Start Talking

  • Do you document your life in some way? Journal, blog, etc . If so, why do you do this?
  • Have you ever felt compelled to document the life of someone you knew personally? Odds are you didn’t or won’t, but who do you know that should have a book written about them?
  • What is the most compelling biography or autobiography you have read or watched?

Think About It

  • Is it difficult for you to believe the Bible is true?
  • Andy mentioned that Christianity isn’t proven to be true because of the Bible. People have been  God followers before the Bible existed. Therefore, the validity of Christianity is not contingent upon the validity of the Bible.  How does this idea resonate with you?
  • Does the story of Jesus you have been taught feel like good news to you? If not, howso?
  • What does the fact that Luke and others documented the life of Jesus imply?

Look It Up

  • Read Luke 1:1-4
    • What stands out to you
    • Why do you think Theophilus wanted this account to be written, since others were already written?
  • Read Luke 6:27-36. What stands out to you?
  • Does anything about Jesus or his teaching strike you as less than good news? If so, what? Why?
  • In what ways has the church made the good news not so good? In what ways have you made the good news not so good?

What Now?

  • Read Luke 2:10-11. Chances are high that you have heard these verses read many times during the Christmas season. After our discussion, do you hear these verses any differently?
  • What weight do the words “good” and “all” carry after our discussion today?
  • How does the “good news” of Jesus’ birth affect you in this season?

One Thing to Think About

If you don’t buy the story of Christ because it never sounded good, maybe you’ve never heard the original version. The original version is good news for the unrighteous, but threatening news for the self-righteous. Write down these verses from Luke 2 and put them somewhere you can see them. Ask God to help you believe that He is good, Jesus is good, and He has good things for you!

Additional Resources

The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker (Book)