After a crazy year, don’t we all want to have the best summer ever? Perhaps the key to your best summer ever isn’t having  the best vacation ever! In fact, the answer may not be somewhere you go, but something that happens in you!

Start Talking

  • What Is your ideal summer spot: Mountains, Beach, or Lake? Tell us why!
  • If you don’t have one already, take a few minutes and jot down a summer bucket list. Share with the group what’s on your list. 
  • What would make this your best summer ever?
  • What if freedom from something was the key to your best summer ever. As you listened to Sean on Sunday, did God show you an area of your life you need freedom in?

Read This

Read Matthew 18:21-35.

  • What stands out to you?
    • When you read this story, who do you relate to?
    • Peter
    • The Master/King
    • The servant 
    • The fellow servant
    • The “Other Servants”
  • Talk about this idea that Sean shared: “Our decision to not forgive the people who have hurt us is stealing our freedom”. Have you ever experienced this to be true?

What Now?

  • How do we actually forgive like God forgives? What can we learn from Jesus on this?
  • Share some ways you know you have been forgiven by God. In light of this, why can it still be difficult to forgive others?
  • Sean gave three suggestions on how to practice forgiveness. Did any of the three resonate with you?
    • Get a journal: Write down who offended you and the offense
    • Talk to God: “ God,  ______ happened. But in light of your mercy in my life, I’m choosing to forgive ____ and fully release them from debt.” Say this outloud, maybe over and over!
    • Mark it out, cancel the debt: Write down the offense, and literally mark through it.
  • It is absolutely easier said than done to extend forgiveness. However, has someone come to mind that you need to forgive (whether they deserve it or not)? 
  •  What would change in your life/heart/mind if you chose to forgive them?

Remember this: Following Jesus takes courage. Forgiving a debt takes courage. The Best summer ever begins with forgiving others as God has forgiven you.

Additional Resources

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The Secret of Lasting Forgiveness by Bruce Wilkenson (Book)
The Freedom Factor by Bruce Wilkinson (Book)