Every significant or unusual current event, even a season of life, once it’s behind us, we reclassify it as a story. It’s a story we tell or a story we hope we never have to tell. It’s a story too embarrassing or painful to tell. Often, the determining factor whether or not we want to tell that part of our story is based on the decisions we made as the story was unfolding. The truth is, we write the story of our lives one decision at a time.  

So the real question is, what story do we want to tell?

Discussion Questions

Start Talking

  • Can you identify a decision in the past that served as the beginning of a new and better chapter in the story of your life?
  • What about a decision that introduced a chapter you would rather forget? 
  • What was the catalyst for those decisions?
  • Do you know anyone whose story, through no fault of their own, set them up to write a story characterized by bitterness and resentment but decided their story in a healthy direction? What can we learn from them?

Read This

  • Read Genesis 39:1-10
    • What is happening in this story?
    • What stands out to you about how Joseph handles this situation?
  • What do you feel like God is wanting us to learn about Him through the story of Joseph?
  • What do you feel like God is wanting us to learn from Joseph?

What Now

  • Think of an area in your life where decisions you are making now could significantly impact your next five years. Would you say you are currently making decisions that will likely create the story you want to tell? Explain
  • Is there a potentially catastrophic decision tempting you now? What and or who could help you steer clear of it? 
  • As you think about this season of your life, what story do you want to tell about it?
  • What story do you hope to tell about your life at the end of it? What are you doing now to inhibit that story? What intentional things are you doing now to help you tell that story?

Additional Resources

Bible Reading Plan 

Scripture: Proverbs 27:12

Song: “Another in the Fire”by Chris Davenport and Joel Houston

Song: “Run to the Father” by Cody Carnes, Matt Maher, and Ran Jackson