“I see everyone gettin’ all the things I want 

And I’m happy for them, but then again, I’m not… 

Their win is not my loss I know it’s true 

But I can’t help gettin’ caught up in it all” 

-Olivia Rodrigo, “Jealousy, Jealousy”

Discussion Questions

Start Talking

  • Do you have anybody in your life that you’re just a little bit jealous of right now?
  • Jealousy reveals unmet desires. What unmet desires do you have and how does that cause you to react to others who have the thing you desire?
  • Have you ever had a moment when jealousy stole your joy?
  • Comparison kills your confidence. Is there a time in your life when you allowed comparison and jealousy kill your confidence?

Read This

  • Read Proverbs 14:30
    • Share a time in your life when jealousy has affected your life- health, relationships, etc.
  • Read Romans 2:11
    • When your longings aren’t fulfilled, do you tend to think that God is playing favorites and you’re not it. 
  • Read James 4:1-2
    • What internal battles do you fight that rise up to the surface?

What Now

What do you do when you feel jealousy?

  • Name It.
    • The problem is I want __________________.
    • I wanted __________ and I didn’t get it. They got it.
  • Take it to God. Have you actually asked God for that thing you long for? Have you asked Him persistently, humbly, gratefully?
  • Celebrate who you’re jealous of. Who do you need to celebrate today that you have been unwilling to because of your jealousy?

Honor kills envy. 

In the same way that generosity kills greed, I give my treasure and it sets my heart free. Honor does the same with envy. I give my words, I give my attitude, and it sets my heart free.

Additional Resources

Bible Reading Plan 

Scripture: James 4:2-3

Scripture: Proverbs 24:17

Scripture: James 3:9-10

Scripture: James 3:14-17