Like so many of you I live in a house chocked full of people. My husband and I juggle our big busy family sometimes with skill and excellence getting everyone to everything on time with a joyful heart, prayers and hugs. But most times we are late, forget a kid at practice and run dealing with issues back-to-back ranging from our kids to finances to how we celebrate the holidays in 2020. Anger often appears as the prevailing emotion, maybe frustration at best, but rarely peace. Our home is often very loud. Yet, there are those moments-often early in the morning before everyone wakes up where peace reigns inside my heart and in our home.

For others of you, your home is too quiet. You long for the hustle I just explained above. You fill your day from start to finish with activity-work, the gym, lunch, happy hour, dinner, scrolling, running from one thing to the next until you can crash on your pillow. Or maybe you have watched your tribe grow up, move out of your house and do life on their own. The holidays look different this year-they aren’t coming home. You say you understand but, your heart aches. Home is quiet, but neither home, nor your heart is peaceful.

Inside our heads, in our communities and in our homes anger, division and confusion have taken peace’s place. We read verses like Ephesians 4:3 “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” And we are TRYING but every time- right as we get there, we lose it and our flesh wins.

We keep TRYING. We are making every effort just like the verse says.  We make lists and check boxes and have an inordinate number of conversations…but if we are honest, our flesh reigns and manifests itself in spiraling anxiety…. Or maybe that’s just me. Where did the peace go and how do I get it back? Imagine if just for a moment we could find that peace, keep it close and let it govern all of our days?

The incredible truth is that a LONG time ago, God knew our plight, He saw our struggle before we lived in it and he brought a solution to our anxious hearts.  He sent Jesus to be born as a baby and grow as a man to live a perfect life in our place walking as God in human flesh. And even better than that- He died in our place and suffered the consequences of OUR sin, so we didn’t have to.

Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Jesus is currently reigning as the Prince of our Peace. In the middle of our storm, He is in the boat with us. The problem comes in when we want to sit on that throne. We want to dictate the outcome, the process and the pain and want to take credit for the victory. But God loves us so much and his path to peace is one of surrender and trust. When we can open our grip and submit to His Lordship over us and over all- we will see that no matter what storm swirls around us, our eternity is secure, our today is secure because He holds us. Just like Mary held Jesus all those years ago. Just like you hold your toddler’s hand, your friend’s troubles and this unique Christmas season.

Jesus, thank you for coming so long ago to a world that needed you so desperately. Thank you for living a sinless life and paying the price for my sin so that I could spend eternity with you. You are my Prince of Peace today. No matter what comes, I can rest because you endured the cross and you sit on the throne of victory. This world is temporary, but heaven is eternal. Help me live in the light of this reality today, and carry with me the peace that you govern. In Jesus Name- Amen”