We will have Memorial Day Weekend services on Sunday, May 28th. Mark your calendars!

Our Team

Sean Seay
Lead Pastor

Josh Jones
Director of Operations

Andy Lowry
Director of Community

Laurie Curtis
Waumba Land Director

Mike Koslowsky
Service Programming Director

Charles Ficken
Director of Student Ministries

Emily Rausch
UpStreet Director

Debbie Butler
UpStreet Groups Director

Cat Cantrell
Waumba Land Groups Director

Gage Henry
High School Director

Justin Halleck
Student Ministry Groups Director

Mark Lamb
Student Ministry Groups Director

Ben Ramsey
Student Ministry Service Programming Director

Rachel Surls
Guest Services Director

Josh Bayne
Music Director

Matt Stevens
Director of Stewardship

Adam McMillan
Production Director

Andy Chambless
Video Director

Whit Smith
Men’s Groups Director

Carly Lawandales
Office Manager