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Inside Out is for high school students and takes place every Sunday at 9:15 and 11:00.

High school is all about preparation. With post-graduation life just around the corner, Inside Out exists to help students grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ in a way that’s real and authentic. We hang out and have a lot of fun together, but we also take part in meaningful times of worship and hear a practical, helpful message from the Bible each week. Then we wrap-up our time each Sunday by breaking up into small groups (led by some incredible small group leaders!) to process everything we’re learning and see how we can apply it to our lives. It’s these relationships with our small group and our small group leaders that really make Inside Out so much more than just another church service.


Bottom Line: Creation points to a creator.
Ask: What about creation points you to God?

Bottom Line: You don’t have to know everything to share something.
Ask: What is one experience you have had with God to share with others?

Bottom Line: Worship is more about the Who than the how.
Ask: What is a way to worship God other than singing?

Bottom Line: Prayer helps us grow close to God.
Ask: How do you view prayer with God?

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email Gage, our high school director